Censor Profanity Words Used in Reviews and Questions & Answers

Prevention is better than cure. We bet you do not want the wrong language to appear in either the reviews or the questions & answers, or even both. You may use the profanity filter to help you censor profanity words by enabling it. 

Censored words will appear as asterisks (****) on the display widgets or you can hide reviews with profanity entirely. 

In This Guide

Enabling The Filter

Head over to Settings - Exclusions:

Adding words to Allow / Deny Lists

Once the filter is enabled, you will be able to override the filter by adding words to the Allow list or Deny list.
*Note: Any words added to the Allow/Deny lists are case-sensitive!

  • Allow list: Words added will be excluded from the profanity filter.
  • Deny list: Words added will be included in the profanity filter.

Censoring or Hiding reviews entirely

You have two primary options available for how you handle profanity.

  1. Censor Profanity Words.

    This will result in the word appearing as asterisks (****). The remainder of the review/question content will still display on your widgets.
  2. Hide Entire Review or Q&A.

    This will remove it from your widgets entirely. It will be blocked from public display.