Zapier + Stamped - Using Stamped As Action For Review Request

You can utilize Zapier to generate review requests in the queue. This will be more applicable to users on custom platforms. We will be using 2 relevant examples in this guide as triggers: Google Sheet for new rows and Stripe for new payments.

For usage of Zapier integration with Stamped as the trigger, please refer to this guide instead.

Note: Zapier integration is only available on Premium plan and above

In This Guide

Setting Up Zapier Integration

  1. Our integration is currently on invite-only, simply click on this link:
  2. Click on 'Accept Invite & Build Zap'

Setting Up A Trigger Using Google Sheet

  1. Select Google Sheet as the trigger app

  2. Select the tigger as "New Spreadsheet Row"

  3. Connect your Google Account

  4. Pick a sample row to test the zap

  5. Add Stamped as an action, choose "review request" and connect the account.

  6. Connect your Stamped account. The details required can be found in the API Keys page in the dashboard: Account: API Keys
  7. Assign the fields to the relevant columns in Google Sheet

  8. Send a test review request to check on the integration, you are all set now!

Setting Up A Trigger Using Stripe

Using similar steps as above, you can set up a zap using Stripe as the tigger to create a review request. 

In a trigger using Stripe, review request for only one product is allowed, since the product details field will have to be manually entered. Integration with Google Sheet will be more suitable for stores selling multiple products