WooCommerce: Troubleshooting

Here are some of the common issues faced by our Woocommerce users. If you are facing a problem not listed in the document, please email us at hello@stamped.io

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Widget Not Showing/Review Emails Not Generating

If the Stamped review widget is not showing on your site or the review emails aren't generating, it is usually due to incorrect credentials provided in the settings.

Here's how you can check your Store URL:

  1. Login to WooCommerce Admin
  2. On the left menu, Stamped Settings
  3. Under the Store URL field
  4. Should only contain your Store URL, without https: or //

Reviews Not Updating On Widget

For Woocommerce users, reviews are cached so that they will load faster directly from the database, contributing to improved site loading speed.

Should you find new reviews not showing up in the Widget, there is an option to clear the cache in Woocommerce settings of Stamped (Alternatively cache can be disabled as well):