Filter to View Reviews

Now you can apply various filters to view reviews as per your requirement.

In This Guide

Accessing the Filter Function

  1. Login to Stamped Dashboard
  2. Click on "Filter" button located beside the search bar, at the top of the review list
  3. Select the required Filter conditions. 

These above steps would be applied for the rest of the filters as well.

Filter Reviews by Product

  1. Select product in the drop-down box
  2. You can then type in the product name and the catalog list will be populated, select the product to filter the reviews.

Filter reviews by Rating

Select "Rating" from the drop-down list and choose one of these 3 options:

  • High Rating - Selecting this option will display 4 and 5 stars rated reviews
  • Low Rating - This option will display reviews from 1 to 3 stars
  • Rating - Using this option you can display reviews of any specific star rating. For E.g.- Reviews with 4 Stars

Filter reviews by Photos

Select "Photos" and choose one of these 2 options accordingly:

  • With Photos - To display reviews which has customer's uploaded photos.
  • Without Photos - Reviews that do not have any photos.

Filter reviews by Videos

Select "Videos" from the drop-down list and choose the option as required:

  • With Videos - To display reviews which has customer's uploaded videos.
  • Without Videos - Reviews that do not have any videos.

Filter reviews by Reply

Select "Reply" from the drop-down and select the condition accordingly

  • With Reply - To display reviews that has been responded.
  • Without Reply - Reviews which are not responded.

Filter reviews by Featured

Just select "Featured" from the drop-down list and set the condition to 'True', which will display all reviews which are marked as "Featured".

Filter reviews by Tag

Select "Tagged with" from drop-down list and enter the tag name of the reviews you want to display in the text box below.

Filter reviews by Dates

Select "Date Review" and enter the 'From' and 'To' Date for which you want to display the reviews.