Moderating Reviews

You will be able to moderate reviews in Stamped with simply a click of a button.

In This Guide

Publish and Un-publish Reviews in Stamped

  1. Login to Stamped Dashboard
  2. Under Moderation click on the Reviews tab
  3. Select the review and click the "Cross-out Eye" icon to publish your review
  4. The "Eye" icon will turn green, this means the review is published.

  5. Likewise, if you want to unpublish the review, simply click on the "Green Eye" icon

Archive Reviews

1. Select the review that you want to Archive

2. Click on the Archive button on the right

3. The archived review will then appear under the Archive tab, in the Moderation section. An archived review can be published again in future.

Moderation in Bulk

Need to perform the above actions for multiple reviews ? Let's do it in bulk.

1. Put a tick in the check box under Filter, this will select all the 20 reviews in the first page. And if you want to select all the reviews then just click on "Select all 20+ results" underneath.

2. Click on More Actions and select the required options: