Custom Forms Feature

Create Custom Forms with custom questions to gather detailed reviews, e.g "Fitting", "Age Group", "Favourite Star Wars Character", and anything that'll help you learn and understand your customers better.

With the custom form feature enabled, collected answers can be pushed into the customer's profile into your Email Marketing Tools like Omnisend or Klaviyo, and utilized to enhance flows and email campaigns.

To learn how to set up custom forms in your dashboard, please use this guide instead.

In This Guide

Example Of Custom Form In Review Email

Here's how the custom form questions will appear in the review email:

If your store is selling apparel, you can consider additional questions to collect data from customers regarding the fit of the clothes:

For a store selling skincare products, the questions can be crafted to understand the effectiveness of the items purchased and used by the customer:

Example Layout Of Custom Form In Display Widget

Submitted reviews with custom form questions will be showcased in the Product Reviews widget, allowing your visitors to read reviews with additional details, hence, helping them make a better purchase decision and thus creating a better shopping experience and increasing conversions. 

Here are the live sites with the custom forms displayed along with the reviews:

Custom form filters

*This feature is only available on the Business & Professional plan.

It is possible to display custom form filter options for customers to filter the reviews based on answers submitted for each custom form. This will only apply to custom forms using either the radio or scale type question.

You will find the settings to enable the display of custom form filters under  Settings - Main Widget - Options