Checkout Reviews

Introducing Checkout Reviews.

The checkout review is a feature included on the order confirmation page and basically asks a simple but yet powerful question: “Why did you buy this item?”. What you’ll get is bite-size reviews overwhelming with positive sentiments

Note: The feature is available on any paid plans, and only on the Shopify platform currently.

In This Guide

Enabling Checkout Review

To enable checkout review, simply navigate to the following page in Stamped dashboard: Settings - Customize - Checkout Reviews

The color of the submit button is according to the button background color under branding - emails:

Types of Checkout Review Widget 

There are three types of checkout review widget available:

  • Box

  • Bubble

  • Gallery

Installing the Checkout Review Widget

The checkout review will require a separate widget to be displayed. Here's an example (below product image):

You can generate the code snippet in the display widgets page of the dashboard.