Questions & Answers: Community Q&A

Our Community Questions & Answers feature are based on 3 incentives:

  • Peer Trust: Customers trust their peers to give honest and unbiased answers, increasing faith and loyalty in your brand.
  • SEO Benefits: All questions are indexable and help to point future search engine queries to your product pages. More web traffic means increased conversions.
  • More Results, Less Work: A no-hassle process ensures that questions are sent to past happy customers to help with answering them for you.

This guide will outline the process of the feature.

Note: The Community Q&A feature is available on the Business & Professional plan.

In This Guide

Process Of Community Q&A

To initiate a community Q&A, you will simply need to click on "Send to Past Customers" as shown:

The question email will be sent up to 5 customers based on the following priorities:

  • Customers who have left a positive review (4-5 stars)
  • Customers who have purchased the product in the past

Each customer will not receive more than one Q&A email within 10 days.

You can automate this process by enabling the "Community Q&A" setting over in the dashboard under  Settings Customize Questions & Answers Community Q&A

Answering Submitted Questions Without Using the Community Feature

There are two ways you can answer the submitted questions instead, without involving your customers:

1. Through the Questions tab in the dashboard:

2. Through the notification email sent out by Stamped, once the setting is enabled in the dashboard:

Here's an example of how the question email looks, which includes a form for you to directly submit an answer:

Showcasing Q&As

Questions which are answered can be published and shown in your store through the main review widget.
There is an auto-publish function available to automatically publish all answered questions:

Should you decide to manually publish Q&As instead, head over to the Questions > Unpublished tab

You can then publish any of the reviews by clicking on the eye icon or the publish button:

All published reviews will be shown under the Questions section within the main review widget:

There are two additional features available on the Q&A section of the widget:

  1. Free text search: Search the Q&As based on the keywords entered in the search bar.
  2. Sort option: Sort the Q&As based on the following options

    Most recent (Default) - Sort the Q&As according to the date of submission.
    Most helpful - Sort the Q&As based on the most upvotes.

Including Q&A Badge in Product Page

With the Q&A feature enabled, you can include the Q&A portion of the badge codes, which tracks the number of questions for the relevant product:

Here's the badge code to be inserted into the product page template:

<span class="stamped-product-reviews-badge stamped-main-badge" data-id="##replace with product" style="display: inline-block;" data-type="qna"></span>

Displaying Q&A Section Separately

You can display the Q&A section on its own by installing the following code:

<div class="stamped-questions-placeholder"></div>