Coupons for Incentivizing

Offer your customers incentives coupons, it encourages your customers to write and share their reviews. Also giving them the reason to return back to your store to redeem the coupon on their next purchase. Reward customers with coupons is a great way to upsell your products to your customers, increase revenue and customer acquisition.

Note: The coupon codes will only be distributed to verified reviews, and there's a limit of one coupon per order.
The coupon code will be sent out 10 minutes after the review has been submitted.

In This Guide

Enabling The Coupon Feature

To enable Coupons, simply head to the Rewards Settings page:
Settings - Coupons

Click on the respective coupon type to enable it in the settings. There are 4 possible actions which you can reward coupon for your customers: 

  • Write a review
  • Write a review & upload photos
  • Write a review & upload video
  • Write & share a review

Enable all of the above to send a coupon (e.g. 10%) when the customers write a review only, or, a different coupon (e.g. 15%) when they write AND share

NOTE: If you've enabled all 4 types of coupons, ultimately only 1 coupon will be sent to the customer based on the last action taken.
Example #1: customer submits a review, and upload a photo for the review, they'll receive the " Write & upload photos" coupon code.
Example #2: customer submits a review, uploads a photo and shares the review,  customer  will receive the " Write & share review" coupon code.

Creating the Coupon Code

Please note that coupon codes must be generated and managed in the relevant e-commerce admin page.
Stamped only helps to automate the process of sending coupon codes when customers contribute to your UGCs.

For the "Coupon Type" field, you can select  Fixed or Dynamic.

  • Fixed Coupon code
    One fixed coupon code
    will be sent to all the customers, so all customers will receive the same coupon code.
    Here is the guide to create fixed coupon codes for each platform:

  • Dynamic Coupon Code
    Multiple coupon codes
    that are imported to the app, so each customer would receive different codes.
    Here's how the dynamic coupon code works:

    1. List of different coupon codes is created in the e-commerce platform.
    We recommend using a Bulk Discount Code Generator App to help generate random coupon code in your e-commerce dashboard.

    2. The coupon codes that are created in the e-commerce platform are imported to Stamped Dashboard in the form of a CSV file.

    3. After UGC submission, each customer would receive emails containing one of the coupon code in the file.

    4. Remaining coupon code would be displayed on Stamped Dashboard below:

    Here is a guide to create dynamic coupon codes for each platform:

    You can utilize a code generator app like Bulk Discount Code Generator.
    You can see the guide to creating a Discount set here: Creating A Discount Set by Seguno

    You can manually create a set of discount codes in the Dashboard by following the guide here or use a generator app such as BigCommerce Coupon Buster

    You can create a set of discount codes in the Dashboard by following the guide here or use a generator app such as Coupon Generator for WooCommerce.

    Magento provides the ability to generate a batch of coupons. The guide can be found in the following article: Magento 2 Generate A Batch of Coupons

    Once you've created the discount coupons, download the following CSV file and insert the coupon codes. Import the CSV into the Coupons page by clicking on the "Import coupons" cloud button for the relevant action within Coupon - General:

    Note: there's a limit of maximum 5000 coupon codes to import

Customizing The Review Email/Thank You Page

Once you've enabled the Coupon feature, it's recommended to include a message in the review request email to indicate that a coupon code will be emailed once the customer has submitted a review e.g.:

Or the "Thank You" page to inform the customer that a different coupon will be sent to them if they choose to share their review in Social Media:

You can also set the URL of the "Start Shopping" button to determine where customers will be redirected to, after clicking on the CTA button on the email: