Exclude Products from Review Request Emails

If you've any specific products that you do not wish to send a review request to your customers, you can now exclude them using product tags or product ID

In This Guide

Excluding Product Using Tags (Shopify Only)

  1. Settings - General - Exclusions
  2. Find the textbox under "Exclude products from Review Request with tags", type in the product tag you wish to exclude from being requested for review (e.g. exclude-product"), save the settings.
  3. Add the tag "exclude-product" for all products you wish to be excluded from review request in your Shopify's Admin.

Excluding Product Using Product ID

  1. Simply add the product ID of the product you would like to exlucde from review requests. Here's the guide to finding product ID in your e-commerce platform: https://stamped-io-help-center.helpscoutdocs.com/article/1098-finding-product-ids-in-your-e-commerce-platform