Tips & Best Practice for Customizing Review Requests

Here are some tips from Stamped's team on how to get the most out of your review emails, and ultimately increase your store's conversion rate.

In This Guide

Customers will want to know where the new email they have received is from. The store logo will contribute tremendously in helping customers to identify your review email, as well as provide a branding. (You will not see "Stamped" label anywhere in the review email, your store's brand is the focus)

Click here to learn how to insert your store's logo

Set your own "From name" and "From email"

Stamped allows users to set their own name and email address to appear in the review emails that are sent out to customers:

Let customers know that the email is from your store, not another app or company trying to collect reviews on your behalf. Setting this up correctly will definitely aid in the open rate of your review emails.

Note: We suggest not to use email addresses ending with as these email service providers don't allow email coming from public emails without authentication.

Add SPF/DKIM records

SPF/DKIM is necessary for Email Service Providers to properly authenticate the emails we're sending on your behalf. This ensures deliverability of the emails from Stamped to your customers. 

Please click here to find the records that needs to be added

Keep your message short and sweet

This may be too extreme of an example, but customers will appreciate if they can understand the content of your email at a glance, especially when most people read their email using mobile devices nowadays. Try to use key words in your email content that will draw the attention of your customers and keep it straight to the point. Writing an essay for your message will also mean the review fields will be pushed further down the email content, affecting conversion rate when customers don't get the context of the email. 

Provide coupons to incentivize review submission

It has been tested and proven that incentives help to improve conversion rate for our users, and the main method to do so is issuing coupons for customers who leaves a review for your product (feature available in Basic plan & above).

After setting your coupons up, don't forget to inform customers about this incentive in your review email, just like the example above.

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Space out your email sequences

We have seen plenty of cases whereby users set too short of an interval between the email sequences (2-5 days after the one before is sent). This may look like a cause over sending of emails to customers and there are some who will require more time to experience your product before committing to writing a review. We suggest to place an interval of at least 7 days before sending out another reminder email to customers. 

Ensure that the interval of first sequence is set up correctly

It is paramount that customers receive the review email at the correct time, usually preferable after the order has been received and when the customer has the chance to experience the product.

We recommend taking into account delivery time when choosing an interval for the first email sequence, a safe interval would be any period between 7-14 days for local deliveries, and 14-21 days for international orders.

Do take note that we have a separate interval setting available for international orders.

To ensure better accuracy in delivery of the review emails, you can consider Stamped's integration with Aftership, which will update the review email accordingly to be sent out after the order is confirmed to be delivered.

Do share with us at if you have more tips that can assist your fellow users in improving their conversion rates.