Loyalty & Rewards: Redeem Rewards for Customers

At times, you may need to help customers to Redeem their points. This is useful when customers have any difficulty locating the redemption page or if you want to entice customers to repurchase with a discount by utilizing the customer's balance points for redemption.

Note: after redeeming the reward, customers will also receive an email notification with a coupon code (if the notification is not disabled on the spending rule or settings).

Rule conditions would also still apply. If customers don’t meet any of the spending rules e.g. reward only for customers with VIP status, the redemption will be unsuccessful with the “NotAllowedRules” notification appearing.

In This Guide

How To Redeem Rewards

  1. Head over to Customers

  2. Click on the customer whose points you'd like to redeem.
  3. Click on the "Redeem Rewards" button.
  4. A window would appear showing options of Rewards to redeem. To create rewards, you can see the guide here.
  5. For Rewards with a variable value. You can adjust the scale in accordance with your needs.
  6. Once you click Redeem, a successful notification would appear.
  7. The newly redeemed rewards would be shown on the Rewards History.