Attentive + Stamped

With the Attentive Integration you'll now be able to create powered-up SMS campaigns & automated messaging that can better target your customers and generate improved results.

In This Guide

Note: This integration is available on the Professional and Enterprise plan.

Activating the Integration

There are currently two setup methods available for Attentive. 

Method #1
1.) Access the "Settings" section and then under Integrations you'll see the "Apps" section of the dashboard and locate Attentive. 
Dashboard URL:

From here Select the "Install App" button which will forward you to Attentive where you can Authorize access to Stamped. Once you select Authorize it will bring you back to the Stamped Dashboard. 

Once Installed the Stamped dashboard will look as follows:

Method #2
2.) Access the URL: Once on this website, you can add your website URL and select "Log In" to complete the same process above which will jump to the Authorization page. 

Once the integration is installed head back over to Attentive to start creating segments using the various data showcased in our next section. 

Sending Stamped Events (Subscriber’s Activity)

The following events will be sent to Attentive from your Stamped account:

Reviews (+ time stamps)

  • Submitted Review
  • Submitted Positive Review (rating ≥ 4)
  • Submitted Negative Review (rating ≤ 3)
  • Submitted Review Video
  • Submitted Review Photo
  • Data sent to Attentive for all events above related to Reviews:
    • Reviewer’s Email
    • Product Title
    • Review Rating (1-5)
    • Product URL
    • Review Title
    • Custom Form - Question and Value (if applicable)
      • “Custom Form - [Question key]”
        • Example: Custom Form - How was the fit?
          • Value: “Too small”
  • Submitted NPS
    • Data sent to Attentive:
      • Reviewer’s Email
      • Rating (1-10)
      • Comment
  • Submitted Question
    • Data sent to Attentive
      • Asker’s Email
      • Product Title
      • Question submitted
  • Earn Order New
    • Data sent to Attentive
      • Purchaser’s Email
      • Date Purchased (yyyy-mm-dd)
      • Order Amount Total
      • Status Cancel Reason
      • Order ID
  • Loyalty (+ time stamps)

  • Points Earned
    • Customer’s Email
    • Campaign Name
    • Number of Points
    • Points Expiration (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Points Spent
    • Customer’s Email
    • Campaign Name
    • Number of Points
    • Reward Expiration (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • Points Adjustment
    • Customer’s Email
    • Number of Points
  • Customer Referral Completed
    • Email (Referrer’s)
    • Campaign Name
  • Friend Referral Redeemed
    • Email (Referrer’s)
    • Campaign Name
  • VIP Tier Entry
    • Customer’s Email
    • Tier Name
    • Points expiration date (yyyy-mm-dd)

  • Sending Customer Attributes (Subscriber’s Characteristics)

    The following data can be synced upon setup. Additionally, each time an event is sent to Attentive, we also send the Reviewer/Customer’s updated attributes:


    • Accepts Marketing

    Reviews Attributes

    • Last Review Score (1-5)
    • Last Review Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
    • Last Review Sentiment Score
    • Total Number of Reviews
    • Last NPS Score (1-10)
    • Last NPS Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
    • Total Number of NPS
    • Last Product Reviewed Title
    • Last Product Reviewed ID
    • Last Question Asked (yyyy-mm-dd)
    • Last Question Asked Date (true or false)

    Loyalty Attributes

    • Total Rewards Points
    • VIP Tier Level
    • VIP Tier Date Joined
    • Birthday (yyyy-mm-dd)
    • Account Date Created (yyyy-mm-dd)
    • Account Confirmed (true or false)
    • Referral Link
    • Total Referrals 
    • Accepts Marketing (true or false)

    Creating a Segment to Filter for Tracking Events

    Segments are used to filter customers/actions and utilize them in your Attentive "Journeys". For example, you could create a segment that tracks 10 star NPS (Net Promoter Score) submissions. This could then be used in a "Journey" to send an SMS message to those customers thanking them for the review.

    Here is how to get started with creating Segments. 
    1.) In the left hand menu of Attentive, select the "Segments" section under the Audience header. 

    2.) Select "Create Segment" in the upper right-hand corner. 

    3.) Select the Type of Segment you'd like to create. For most cases we suggest "Dynamic Segment" 

    4.) Select the Condition you'd like to match from. 
    a.) A subscriber's activity
    b.) A subscriber's characteristics 
    c.) The segment a subscriber is in    

    5.) Using Activity from above as an example, you can now choose an activity. Scroll down in the list to see the "Custom Events" these are the ones available from the data Stamped is pushing based on the conditions chosen and the data available. 
    6.) You can then add in your filters to pull the data you're seeking. For example, below we've created a segment that is requiring the following. 

    a.) The customer has to have reviewed more than 1 product in their lifetime. 
    b.) The customer's review must be a 5 star review.
    c.) The customer's review must be for the Blue Jays Hat product. 
    You can add further requirements as well by selecting the "Or" button in the right hand corner. In doing so we've added another condition that pulled from the Subscribers Characteristics. The example here is that they have also listed their "Favorite Team" as being the Toronto Blue Jays. 

    7.) Select Create and be sure to name and save the changes of your new segment.

    Common Use-case and Example

    • Create a segment for customers who left a positive review, which can be used for SMS campaigns (reward/thank you SMS)
    • Create a segment for customers who left a negative review, which can be used for SMS campaigns (apology/follow ups)

    Sync Unsubscribers & Customer Properties

    Each time an event is sent to Attentive, we also send the Reviewer/Customers updated attributes.
    If you have existing customers and want to push their data that was collected prior to Installation, you can do this from the Stamped Dashboard using the "Sync Customer Properties" function.

    This also includes being able to sync your unsubscribers. This will push your Stamped unsubscribe list to Attentive to remove any customers who unsubscribed from marketing email from the new Attentive SMS messages. 

    (Settings => Integrations => Apps => Attentive)

    Simply Select the action you want to apply, (Please note that with large databases this may take awhile). If you run into any issues please contact our support team. 

    Disconnect the Applications

    Should you wish to disconnect Stamped and Attentive this is a two step process.
    Step 1. In the Attentive App you'll need to navigate to the Marketplace and select the "Installed by you" Section. 

    If you Select the Stamped Icon above you'll be prompted with a disconnect option. 
    Step 2. In the Stamped Dashboard you'll need to Uninstall Attentive from our side as well.