Loyalty & Rewards: Magento 2

Welcome and thank you for starting your journey with us at Stamped Loyalty & Rewards!

In just a few steps we can assist you in creating your very own Loyalty & Rewards program for your business that allows customers to heavily engage with your brand.

In this guide

Integrate Stamped Loyalty & Rewards with Magento 2

Note: You need to have the latest Stamped Magento 2 extension.

To get started with the integration:

1) Create an integration on Magento 2 Admin => System => Integrations => Add New Integration:

2) Under "Integration Info" Fill in the "Name" of the integration as "Stamped", and the "Your Password" field to verify the account:

3) In the "API" tab, select "All" for Resource Access:

4) You should be redirected to the "Integrations" dashboard, click on the "Authorize" link in the list:

5) A modal will show up, click on "Allow" 

6) A new modal will show up with your "Access Token", copy the access token value which you'll be using in the next step:

7) Go to Stamped Loyalty & Rewards Dashboard => Settings => Apps => Magento: 

8) Click on "Install" button

9) Fill in the "Host" and "Access Token" field, click on "Save"

Order Status Setup

  1. Defining the order status is important for the app to determine when to reward/cancel points on customers' accounts for order-related activity. 
    Go to  Settings - Points on Stamped Dashboard and you will see the below form for order settings.

  2. Fill up all the details as required.

And you're all set!