Loyalty & Rewards: Referral Program

With our Referral Program, you will be able to reward customers for referring customers to their friends. Each customer has a unique referral link that they can share via FB, email or a direct link. When their friend signs up for an account and makes a purchase, the customer will receive the reward you specified and their friend will receive a reward as well.

In this guide

Benefits Of Using Our Referral Program

  • Increase engagement with customers
    Boost social media engagements and increase reach by rewarding customers to share your brand with their friends

Basic Setup

  1. Let’s get you started with some basic setup. Go to Settings -> Referral and you will see this page for Referral settings:
  2. Fill up all of the details as required.
  3. Remember to save your settings by pressing the Save button!
  4. Click on Back to Main
  5. Go to Referrals
  6. Ensure the Referral Program is Enabled.

Customers And Friends Rewards Setup

You will be able to set the reward for your customer (Referrer)  and their friends (Referees) at both the Customers and Friends section.

How to set up a reward:

  1. Click on the Add button on the section you wish to add (Customers (referrer), or Friends (referees)
  2. Select the reward that you wish to reward accordingly

    There are 4 types of rewards available for your customers and 3 types of rewards available for their friends.
  3. Reward Description Example
    Fixed amount discount  Fixed amount discount for future purchases  $5 off coupon
    Percentage off discount  % off discount for future purchases  10% off
    Free Shipping  Waive off shipping fees  Free Shipping
     Points for customers to redeem rewards at Point Program 1000 points
  4. Fill up the rest of the details accordingly.
  5. Click on the Save button to save your settings.

How to update or delete the existing rewards:

  • To update the existing reward, click on the Edit button on the respective section that you want to edit.
  • Select the reward and fill up the details.
  • Remember to click on the Save button to update your settings!

  • To delete the existing reward, click on the Edit button on the respective section that you want to delete.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Delete button located at the bottom left of the page.
  • Click on the Delete button on the delete confirmation pop up.

Referral Code Setup

Referral codes can now be updated to give your best advocates a customized referral code. 

Do note referral codes are unique across all users. So if the referral code (e.g. JohnSuper01) is taken by another store, and there's an attempt to add this code again by a different store to another customer, a random 3-length string will be added to the referral code (e.g. JohnSuper01abc).

  1. Go to Customers
  2. Search and click on the desired customer to update their referral code.
  3. Under the Referrals section, click on "Edit"

  4. Enter the customized referral code (e.g. JohnSuper01)
  5. Click on the "Save" button to save your settings

Customers and Friends Perspectives

Below illustrates the perspectives of what your Customers and their Friends will see during the referral process.

Customers (Referrers)

Customers will be able to refer to their friends under the Referral section either by copying the direct link to their friends, or clicking and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

The rewards that both your Customer (Referrer) and Friend (Referee) will get upon successful referral will be shown in this section as well.

*For stores that install our Loyalty & Rewards app on the Shopify platform, your customers will have a branded domain referral URL link. (i.e Instead of "https://stamped.io/ref/12312312/", it will be a link similar to ("https://www.gatomall.com/a/rewards/referral/12312312"). Do note that the Stamped Loyalty & Rewards Shopify App needs to be installed to enable this.

If the "Email" option is selected, there will be an embedded form for your Customers (Referrer) to fill up the email address and a personalized message to their Friends (Referee)

Customers will receive the reward once the referred friend completes a purchase with the referral coupon.

Friends (Referred)

Their Friend (Referred) be able to see a unique link along with a customizable message, and they will be able to click on the link shared to them.

For all stores:

Upon clicking on the referral link that your Customer (Referrer) shared, their Friend (Referee) will be redirected to your website with the Loyalty & Rewards app opened and prompting them to enter their email to claim the reward.

The reward that the Friend (Referee) will get is shown in this section as well.