Loyalty & Rewards: Importing Customer Data and Points

Customers and points are precious so if you do have those data collected, they can definitely be migrated to Stamped - Loyalty & Rewards in just a few simple steps.

Note: For any email address that matches existing customer profiles in the account, the import points will be added to the current balance instead.

In This Guide

How to Import Your Customers And Points

  1. Download the CSV file at Settings - Importer, under NOTE section:
  2. Fill in the customers and points details *Please limit each import file to a maximum of 5000 rows*
  3. Import them to our app by going to Settings - Importer
  4. Upload CSV file

If you are having an issue with the import process, please email us at hello@stamped.io and our support team will be happy to assist you.

CSV Template Guidelines

The table below describes the headers of the CSV file (the top row) and types of information that belongs in each column:

Header Name Description Example
first_name First name of the customer John
last_name Last name of the customer Doh
email Email address of the customer johndoh@example.com
points Amount of points the customer has (Must be whole number) 5000
birthday Birthday of the customer 1990-10-24
vip_tier  Membership tier (Mandatory field for VIP Program) Gold
vip_tier_end_date Membership tier end date (Mandatory field for VIP Program) 2021-06-14