Troubleshooting: Rewards launcher

Here are some of the common troubleshooting steps to follow if you are seeing issues with your Loyalty & Rewards launcher not loading in your store. If you are facing a problem not listed in the document, please email us at

In This Guide

Launcher not installed

  • Check if the launcher has been installed already. You can go here to go through the installation and onboarding process under the Installation section:
  • If your store is running on a custom-built or unsupported E-commerce platform, please follow this guide to install it.
  • If you're on Shopify 2.0, you can enable the launcher on Shopify Theme customizer.

The Points and Referrals program are disabled

Launcher Visibility setting

  • Launcher visibility can be set to only show on Desktop or be hidden on all devices in the placement section under the settings here -
  • If the launcher is not showing up on mobile devices, check the settings if it is set to Desktop only
  • If the launcher is not showing up at all on any devices, check and make sure it's not set to Hide on all device

NOTE: Also check with your developer if the launcher was customized to open via a link, button, or on a specific page only in your store before making any of the changes above.