Loyalty & Rewards: Emails

Stamped let you set up your own Rewards Program to reward customers and referrals for activities they complete. Customers can further use the accumulated points to redeem rewards or products that you determine.

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Store owners and designated staff members can easily set up multiple campaigns and customize them for specific business goals. While there are several rules for each program to choose, Stamped has 7 events on which emails are sent for different activities. For example, reward 50 points for making a purchase.

The below image illustrates how a campaign is set up and the reward gets processed:

For every event, affiliate/referrals get an email with details about the rewards involved. Store owners or staff can customize the format using the editing tools and they can even use Liquid Variables as placeholders.


Points Earned

This an event when the customer receives on performing or finishing specific action. For example, a customer earns a point and receives an acknowledgement on making a purchase, creating an account or following the business on Facebook.

Points Redeemed

Points Redeemed event triggers when a user/customer redeem reward points.


Birthday event triggers exactly on the affiliate/customer's birthday based on the date setup on their profile.

Referral Share

This event triggers when the affiliate/customer refer their friend(s). On triggering this event, an email with a CTA linked to a referral link is sent to the invitee. The reward will be issued when the friend/invitee signs up using the link.

Referral Claimed

This email is sent to the referral when the friend referred by them successfully claims a coupon code using the referral link. The email contains the coupon code that was claimed. 

Here is the scenario:

  • Step 1: Referral/customer refers a friend
  • Step 2: The friend signs up and claims the coupon code using the referral link
  • Step 3: The referral/customer receives the email and the coupon code claimed is mentioned

Points Reminder

This email is sent when there’s a point expiry setup for the account. The interval is based on the configuration under Settings > Points.


  • The exact time is based on the store’s time zone
  • This is different to the validity of Reward Points set for each campaign in the Points Program

Here is a scenario:

  • Step 1: You set up Points expiry as follows:
    • Points will expire after 3 months - 3 months
    • First Reminder - 30 (an email is sent 30 days prior to the expiration date)
    • Last Reminder - 7 (another email is sent 7 days prior to the expiration date)

  • Step 2: A customer earns the reward on October 1, but fails to claim
  • Step 3: An email is sent in the end of November
  • Step 4: An email is sent again in the fourth week of December

Referral Completed

A referral is considered as completed when the friend makes a purchase with the reward code provided and an email is sent to the affiliate who sent the invitation.

Rewards Expiry Reminder

This triggers when a reward is left unclaimed and an email is sent 3 days before it expires.

VIP Entry

This triggers when the affiliate/customer enters into a VIP Tier and they receive an email with a link to the perks they enjoy in the VIP tier.

Where do I customize emails for different events?

Emails for the seven events can be customized and tested under Stamped > Settings > Emails. In the Emails section, pick the email you want to customize and proceed by making use of the WYSIWYG editor.

Edit and formatting email content

Store owners and staff can edit email content for all the seven events, preview and test the output.

To edit & customer email content,

  1. Login to Stamped and go to Settings
  2. Click on Emails and look for the event that you want to edit the email for
  3. Select the layout that you want to use for the email, enter the subject of the email and add the title to show in the top of the email

  4. Edit/type the message to show in the email body
    1. Make use of the WYSIWYG editor and format the text as you wish
    2. Use the Hyperlink tool to link external links
    3. Switch to HTML from the visual editing mode or vice-versa to for flexibility
    4. Use Liquid Variables to retrieve specific data from your Shopify store and Stamped's apps as well, such as the customer details, reward information, and more.
  5. Customize the CTA button's text. Just like the email body, Stamped allows you to edit CTA button's text and even use variables.
  6. Update the Unsubscribe message and the link
  7. Click Save on the top to publish the changes


Can I update Unsubscribe message?

Stamped allows you to update the text for the Unsubscribe message that appears on the bottom of every email as per the norms in different countries. For that, just scroll down in the email editing screen and look for the Unsubscribe message and Unsubscribe link text fields on the bottom.

How do I check the output of an email?

All changes you made to the email show up in the preview on the left as customize the email and you can even switch the view, e.g., desktop to mobile/small-screen and vice-versa. Additionally, you can send a test email to any email simply by clicking on the Send Test and entering the email address that you want to send to.

The preview shows the same content as the output and you can preview the changes as you type.

How do I send a test email?

Store owners and staff members can send a test email to any email address so as to see how the output looks like. While there are some limitations, the preview email gives you have an idea on what does the affiliate/customer receives.

Can I disable an acknowledgement?

Stamped allows you to enable and disable any acknowledgement if you don't want it be dispatched to affiliate/customers. For that, you can simply have to disable the acknowledgement email.

Please note that disabling the email will not turn-off the Campaign that it is based on.

Can I use HTML in emails?

Yes, while Stamped's offers WYSIWYG editor for visual editing, you can always switch to HTML mode to use HTML and in-line CSS.

What do I do to add/edit elements in the emails besides the readily available content?

Note: The Layout editor is available on our subscription plans starting from Business plan.

Stamped allows you to get full control over email templates and you can add or edit elements by using the Layout builder. For that,

  1. Login to Stamped and go to Settings
  2. Click on Layouts in the top navigation bar within settings
  3. Look for the template you want to edit and click on Copy to get started.

       Please take a look at this article for more details about Layouts and Layout Editor.

Liquid Variables

The Liquid code is used to retrieve specific data from your Shopify store and Stamped's apps as well, such as the customer details, reward information, and more. Here is the full list of variables we support.

How do I brand emails?

Stamped allows you to brand any email that goes through the platform to fit your store's look and feel. For that,

  1. Login to Stamped and go to Settings
  2. Click on Branding > Emails under Displays
  3. Choose what you want to update and click Save to publish the changes.