Loyalty & Rewards: Upgrade or Downgrade Plans

You have seen the result on how the reviews by each customer could increase sales and conversion, and we do believe you will require more reviews to send each month. Here’s how you can upgrade your plan now.

In This Guide

Upgrade Your Plan

  • Settings - Plans from the menu on the left side of the page OR the 'Upgrade' button located on the top right corner in our app when logged into Shopify
  • The plans comparison chart will be shown
  • Click on the ‘Choose’ button of the plan that you would wish to upgrade
  • You will be relocated back to the Plans & Billing details page, choose the plan you would like to upgrade to and click 'Proceed'

  • Another way to upgrade your plan would be to head over to the Billings page:

Downgrade Your Plan

We would like to hear from you on how our review app on could help you in your business. Speak to us at hello@stamped.io and we will do our very best to assist you. The process to downgrade is identical to the steps shown above by heading over to the bottom of the billings page: