Import Reviews from AliExpress

You can now easily import reviews over from your AliExpress store in just a few simple steps.

This feature is only available on paid plans.

Note: Reviews imported from AliExpress will not be marked as verified by Stamped

In This Guide

Setting Up The AliExpress Importer Feature

  1. Head over to Settings - Importer - Sources and click on Install under AliExpress. You will see the button turn blue and labelled Import to Stamped:

  2. Drag the button (which is a link) to the bookmark bar of your browser. Kindly enable the bookmark bar if it is disabled.
    (Below example is using Google Chrome but it will work with most browsers):

    If there is no drag function available in your browser:

    On Google Chrome

    1. Simply right click on the button and copy link address:
    2. Head over to bookmarks under settings, right-click under any of the bookmarks or folders and select Add page:
    3. Paste the copied link address under URL, choose a name for the bookmarklet and save:

    On Safari

    1. Head over to bookmarks in the settings and add bookmark:
    2. After naming the bookmark, click save:
    3. Right-click on the import button and copy link:
    4. Open the bookmarks sidebar, right-click on the newly created bookmark and edit address:
    5. Paste the copied link into the URL box and click done:

    On Firefox

    1. Simply right-click on the import button and select bookmark this link:
    2. Save the bookmark and it's done.

Importing Reviews From AliExpress

  1. Head over to your AliExpress store's product page.
  2. Click on the saved bookmark. A popup will appear on the page:

  3. Search for the product in the catalog you would like to assign the reviews to, change any settings shown as required, then click on Preview to continue.
    Note: If you are on Shopify or Bigcommerce, the product list will be populated according to the catalog in your store. 
    For other platforms, the catalog will have to be updated in Stamped if you are unable to search for the product. Please email our support team at

  4. You will see a preview of the reviews to be imported, click on Approve if you would like the review to be imported, or Reject to skip importing it:

  5. Click on Next Page to go through the next set of reviews. Once you have reached the last page, simply press the "X" button on the top right corner of the page to close the popup. Go to the next product and repeat the steps as required.