Shopify: Rich Snippets

Stamped's support for rich snippets will allow star ratings to be shown in organic search results of your store's product pages, such as the example shown below:

Note: For users on other e-commerce platforms outside of Shopify, please refer to the platform's getting started guide on rich snippet installation.

In This Guide

Shopify's Product Reviews App

If you're using Shopify's Product Reviews app, the rich snippet feature is included by default in the Shopify's Product Reviews app when you installed the reviews widget on the product pages.

Rich snippets are automatically indexed by Search Engines periodically, it can take up to 3 weeks for Rich Snippets to show up on organic search results.

Stamped Main Review Widget For Shopify Users

If you're using Stamped Main Review Widget, the rich snippet codes will have to be manually installed, here are the JSON-LD codes:

{% if product.metafields.stamped.reviews_count and product.metafields.stamped.reviews_count != "0" %} 
,"aggregateRating": {
 "@type": "AggregateRating",
 "ratingValue": {{ product.metafields.stamped.reviews_average | round:2 }},
 "reviewCount": {{product.metafields.stamped.reviews_count}}
{% endif %}
Should you require assistance with installation of the rich snippet codes, we will be able to provide the service on any paid plans. Simply email us at