Shopify: Create Test Order

If you did like to know how the review request emails work before going Live, here's what you can do by simply by creating a test order in Shopify.

In This Guide

Creating A Test Order

  1. Login to Shopify Admin
  2. Click on 'Orders' on the left menu
  3. Click 'Create Order' button on the right
  4. Search for your product
  5. Click the 'Add discount' to reduce the value of the item
  6. Find or create a customer (do checkout with an email address so that our app can send the review request email)
  7. Click the 'Mark as paid'
  8. Update order status to 'Fulfilled'
  9. Once done the review request emails will be generated
  10. Go to Queue tab of the Settings page to manually trigger the 'Sent Now' button and the review email will be sent to your email

The page to create a test order in Shopify Admin (step 3)

After clicking on the 'Add discount' there will be a small pop-up showing to apply the discount or amount to offset. The easiest way is to apply discount by value (step 5).