You can now easily push certain events from Stamped as a POST request to external services.

In This Guide

List Of Events Covered By The Feature

1. Reviews
2. Questions & Answers
3. Net Promoter Scores
4. Checkout Comments
5. Rewards Earned
6. Rewards Spent
7. Rewards Referral
8. Rewards VIP
9. Rewards Points Adjustment

Example of Data Pushed

We add these headers to all webhook event pushes:
1) X-Secret-Key		
2) X-Stamped-Webhook-Secret		
3) X-Stamped-Store-Url		
4) X-Shopify-Shop-ID		
5) X-Stamped-Topic
1. Reviews Example
    "customerEmail": "example@gmail.com",
    "id": 14243711,
    "author": "John Doe",
    "reviewTitle": "Test review",
    "reviewMessage": "testing",
    "reviewRating": 3,
    "reviewDate": null,
    "reviewUserPhotos": null,
    "reviewUserVideos": null,
    "reviewVerifiedType": 0,
    "reviewReply": null,
    "reviewReplyDate": null,
    "productId": 2640569991268,
    "productName": "2PCS Tassels Crop Top & Short Pants Sets",
    "productSKU": null,
    "productUrl": "https://stamped.io/go/d3xOb25lfDB8cnwxNDI0MzcxMQ2",
    "productImageUrl": "//cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0196/8521/2260/products/3cc053bd-1e5a-47ec-8a1a-5b6438a41dd9-52766-pc_large.jpg%3Fv=1548841799",
    "productImageLargeUrl": null,
    "productImageThumbnailUrl": null,
    "productDescription": null,
    "avatar": null,
    "location": "",
    "reviewVotesUp": 0,
    "reviewVotesDown": 0,
    "userReference": null,
    "dateCreated": "2019-06-05T09:30:14.963",
    "dateReplied": null,
    "reviewType": 1,
    "widgetType": null,
    "reviewOptionsList": []
2. Questions & Answers Example
    "id": 1993308,
    "message": "Where are the brownie bites ? I don’t care for the other products.",
    "email": "example@gmail.com",
    "name": "John Doe",
    "date_created": "2021-03-26T01:43:30.62",
    "product_id": 10192130439,
    "product_name": "Fat Snax Cookies",
    "customer_id": 76472997,
    "customer_name": null,
    "customer_email": "example@gmail.com"
3. Net Promoter Scores Example
    "Id": 1630794,
    "Rating": 5,
    "Body": "The monthly fee is odd.",
    "Reply": null,
    "State": 0,
    "SurveySource": null,
    "ShopProductId": null,
    "IpAddress": null,
    "CustomerId": 50692984,
    "QueueReviewEmailId": 338048385,
    "IsRead": false,
    "IsFeatured": false,
    "Shop_ID": 73244,
    "ShopProduct": null,
    "VerifiedType": 2,
    "DateCreated": "2020-04-01T15:14:14.297",
    "DateAdded": "2020-04-01T15:14:14.297",
    "DateReplied": null,
    "TagsList": []
4. Checkout Comments Example
    "id": 1787048,
    "productTitle": "KLIP mini",
    "email": "example@gmail.com",
    "orderNumber": "3642451951782",
    "orderId": 3642451951782,
    "body": "Great reviews "
5. Rewards Earned Example
    "id": 1787048,
    "title": "Example title",
    "title_public": "Example title public",
    "points": 7.00
    "date_created": "2020-04-01T15:14:14.297",
    "customer_email": "example@gmail.com"
6. Rewards Spent Example
    "id": 1787048,
    "title": "Example title",
    "title_public": "Example title public",
    "points": 7.00
    "date_created": "2020-04-01T15:14:14.297",
    "customer_email": "example@gmail.com"
7. Rewards Referral Example
    "id": 5727602,
    "title": "Fixed amount discount",
    "title_public": "$12 off coupon",
    "points": null,
    "date_created": "2020-11-19T21:19:41.843",
    "customer_email": "example@gmail.com",
    "customer_referred_id": "64693436"
8. Rewards VIP Example
    "id": 5727602,
    "title": "Example VIP Tier Title",
    "tierEventType": "tier entry",
    "date_created": "2020-11-19T21:19:41.843",
    "customer_email": "example@gmail.com",
    "vip_tier_id": 12345
9. Rewards Points Adjustment Example
    "id": 23125294,
    "title": "Manual adjustments",
    "title_public": "Manual adjustments",
    "points": 500.0,
    "date_created": "2021-08-16T21:52:00.263",
    "customer_email": "example@gmail.com",
    "customer_referred_id": "2118_30_void_2123"

Adding A Webhook

  1. Head over to Settings - Webhooks
  2. Click on "Add Webhook", you will see the following interface:

  3. Fill up the fields accordingly

    1. Payload URL: Target URL to send the POST request to
    2. Secret: Secret API key
    3. Is Active: Uncheck the box to deactivate the webhook
    4. All events: Uncheck the box to only push specific events 
  4. Click "Save" and the webhook will be created.