Google Shopping Product Reviews

Have your products listed on Google Shopping and wish to display the ratings and reviews on the listings?

With our Google Shopping Product Reviews feature, you can now make use of the ratings and reviews collected in Stamped and display them on your Google Shopping Listing Ads (PLA) and the catalog which helps in encouraging sales conversion!

Note: There is a minimum requirement of overall 50 reviews to be accepted by Google!

*Available on Business & Professional plan. 

In This Guide

Introduction To Google Shopping Product Reviews

Consumers increasingly turn to reviews to help them make online purchasing decisions. 

Google Shopping Product Reviews feature allows you to showcase your ratings and reviews for your products collected in Stamped to further encourage purchases from your potential customers who are searching for for a relevant or similar product in Google!

Google Shopping Listing Ads (PLA)

Google Shopping Search Listings

Setting Up The Review Feed

The review feed can be enabled within Stamped's dashboard, under Settings - Google - Product Ratings:

Once the review feed is created, it will be automatically uploaded to your Google Merchant Center account. The review ratings can take up to a week to be reflected in the Google Shopping listings once the product identifiers match between both the review and product feeds.

The review feed will automatically update itself on a daily basis. There's no further action required once set up.