Google Shopping Product Reviews

Have your products listed on Google Shopping and wish to display the ratings and reviews on the listings?

With our Google Shopping Product Reviews feature, you can now make use of the ratings and reviews collected in Stamped and display them on your Google Shopping Listing Ads (PLA) and the catalog which helps in encouraging sales conversion!

Note: There is a minimum requirement of overall 50 reviews to be accepted by Google!

*Available on Business & Professional plan. 

In This Guide

Introduction To Google Shopping Product Reviews

Consumers increasingly turn to reviews to help them make online purchasing decisions. 

Google Shopping Product Reviews feature allows you to showcase your ratings and reviews for your products collected in Stamped to further encourage purchases from your potential customers who are searching for for a relevant or similar product in Google!

Google Shopping Listing Ads (PLA)

Google Shopping Search Listings

Setting Up The Review Feed

The review feed can be enabled within Stamped's dashboard, under Settings - Google - Product Ratings:
(Please ensure you save the changes as indicated in the below screenshot)

Once the review feed is created, it will be automatically uploaded to your Google Merchant Center account. The review ratings are fetched by Google every Wednesday. Once they have the data on average it can take 7-10 days to be processed and then reflected in the Google Shopping listings once the product identifiers match between both the review and product feeds. For feeds that already exist and are just receiving updates, google suggests these should be updated 2-3 days after each Wednesday fetch. 

However please note the following from Google: 

1.)  *Your provision of a feed does not guarantee that your content will be included in Google Shopping. This is controlled and entirely at the discretion of Google. 
2.)  *Once a product feed has been received from an approved aggregator (Stamped) it can take as much as 4-6 weeks to integrate the reviews onto the GMC platform. 

Ensuring Data matching

With the feed enabled you can now download a copy of the review feed we generate. This can be done here:

That said, this will be automatically sent to Google, we update the feed data daily and Google pulls the review updates once per week. However, it won't function if we don't ensure the data matches against the product feed in your GMC account.

*Please note that the product feed is not managed by Stamped. You are responsible for ensuring that the data is correct and then (Depending on your Ecommerce platform) we can Sync this data to update the review feed on our end, or you may need to provide a product catalogue via .CSV that we can import to update the review feed manually.  

One of the following combinations is required for the review and product feeds to sync in Google Shopping:

- MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) + Brand + Product Url


- GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers) + Brand + Product Url

Additionally, the URL must be correct. If you're on the Shopify platform it's possible the domain name we have on file is If that's the case you will need to send our support team a request to update this. 


Kindly take note that the custom product checkbox should be unchecked for the MPN to be registered in Google Merchant Center:


Once this is done, please contact Stamped support to let us know and we will refresh the review feed as well, to register the new data in the feed. 

If you're using Products with Variants. (IE: Product = T-Shirt, variant 123 red, variant 124 blue) instead of each product Blue and Red being their own unique Product_ID then you will need to add the following additional field named item_group_id in the product feed, which should contain the product ID value of your e-commerce platform.

This will then match against the SKU value in the review feed, which has been set up in the review feed to contain the same matching value.

Once it's done, you may need to inform the Google representative on your GMC account that the "item_group_id" value in the product feed has been set up to match against the "SKU" value in the review feed for all variants in the store.

If you run into any issues please keep us updated on any communication between you and Google and we'll help as required.

Feed Data Match Example

Review Feed Section using MPN + Brand + URL

Product Feed Section using MPN + Brand + URL

What does Google exclude?

Google doesn't allow reviews with these blacklisted keywords in the review:

  • shipped
  • shipping
  • shipment
  • service
  • deliver
  • arrived
  • company
  • store
  • business

Also, any reviews with less than 30 characters, or for out-of-stock(OOS) products are automatically removed from the feed.