Account: Creating Staff Accounts

You can now create multiple staff accounts to provide access to different individuals, with specific permissions if required.

*Available on Premium plan and above

In This Guide

Creating A New Staff Account

  1. Head over to Settings - Account. Create a new staff account by clicking on the "Add staff account" text under Accounts and permissions:

  2. Enter the details for the new staff account. If you would like to provide limited access to the account, uncheck the "full access" checkbox and you will be able to select the sections to provide access to:

  3. Click on "Send Invite" once you are done.

  4. The new user will receive an invite email to activate the account: 

  5. Click on the link and you will be redirected to set a new password for the account:

  6. Once the password is submitted, simply login with the email address and newly created password and the user will have access to the account.

List Of Staff Accounts

You will be able see the list of staff accounts through the same page once they are created:

Simply click on any of the accounts if you would like to change permissions or delete them.

Remove Staff Account

Click on the staff account you would like to delete, there will be a new "Remove staff account" section. Simply click on the red "Delete staff account" button to remove the account: