Plans & Billings: Checking Plans, Billing and SMS Balance

Here is how you can check your current plan, do comparisons between different products and their plans, upgrade / downgrade, check SMS balance and see your Billing information.

In This Guide

Checking Plans

Head over to the dashboard, Settings => Under the Accounts tab, click on Plans. Dashboard link:

1. At first, select the one of the product as shown below:

2. After you select the product, you will see the various plans underneath with respect to the product selected and their feature comparison. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan from this page by clicking on the Choose button while this button will be disabled for your current plan.

View or Update Billings

In order to check the Billing information go to Settings again, Under the Accounts tab, click on Billing. Dashboard link:

1. Current Plan - You can see your Current Plan, Monthly Order Limit and Price on the top. You also have the option to change your plan by clicking on the Change Plan button.

2. Payment Information - Next you can see the Billing information and also have the option to change it by clicking on Change Billing Info 

3. InvoicesHere you can see the summary of your invoice and also download PDF version of the invoice by clicking on the PDF icon.

Checking SMS Balance

 If you have enabled SMS reminder then you can check your SMS balance from the Dashboard here:

You have the option to add more balance by clicking on the  Add to Balance button and you can also enable Automatic Refill where the system will automatically add balance from your payment method once it falls below the set amount. 

Along with this you do have the option to set a Monthly Refill Limit so that the automatic refill doesn't exceed the set amount per billing cycle. Once you are done don't forget to click on  Update refill settings.

*To learn more about the SMS review requests feature, please click here.