NPS Form Modal

NPS (Net Promoter Score) Form Modal is a widget that can be utilized to collect NPS Score without having to send an email to the customers.

If you would like to know more about the NPS feature then please refer to this article: Net Promoter Score™

* Net Promoter Score is a feature available only on Professional Plan

In This Guide

How it works?

Although you can place the NPS Form Modal at any of your preferred location and collect NPS scores, we recommend to place it in the Order confirmation page where we have seen our users achieving higher conversion. So here is how it works:

  1. Customer completes checkout
  2. Reach order confirmation and the popup modal will show to submit their score and feedback

Customizing and Generating the widget code

You can customize and generate the widget code from the Dashboard:

  1. Head over to Settings => Widgets => Form Widgets => Net Promoter Score Form Modal
  2. Here you can update the labels or change the language. Customer email is required, for Shopify stores the tag would be {{}} 

3. Click on 'Get Codes' and then 'Copy Codes' which will put the code in the clipboard

Installing NPS Form Modal

Installing the widget code is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is place the widget code generated in the previous step where you want the pop-up modal to appear.

To install the Modal on the order confirmation page, you'll simply need to copy the codes and paste it into:

Shopify => Settings => Checkout => Additional scripts

Codes to be added in the section:

{% if %}<div id="stamped-reviews-widget" data-widget-type="nps-submission-form" data-email="{{}}" data-name="{{}}"></div>{% endif %}