Zapier + Stamped - Using Stamped as Trigger

Now you can integrate Stamped with 700+ Apps on Zapier. Here's how you can use Stamped as the trigger.

To use Stamped as the action for review requests, please refer to this guide instead.

In This Guide

Setting Up Integration With Zapier

  1. Our integration is currently invite-only, simply click on this link:

  2. Click on 'Accept Invite & Build Zap'

Using Stamped As Trigger

  1. Click on 'Create this Zap'

  2. Click on 'Save + Continue'

  3. Click on 'Connect a New Account'

  4. You'll be prompted to input your API Public & Private key, you can grab these details from Stamped Dashboard.

    Once filled click on 'Yes, Continue':

  5. You'll see your Stamped Account in the list, select and click 'Save + Continue'

  6. You can select the review's rating to trigger the Zap (e.g. set as 1 if you want the trigger to activate only for new reviews rated 1 star, or leave blank to trigger for all reviews regardless of rating), click 'Continue'

  7. Click on 'Fetch & Continue'

  8. You'll see the success message 'Test Successful!', and that's it! You can continue to create an Action to connect with any app listed on Zapier.