Re:amaze + Stamped Loyalty & Rewards

The Re:amaze integration allows you to display information related to the Loyalty & Rewards app directly on the customer's profile in Re:amaze dashboard.

In This Guide

Setting Up The Integration

To set up the installation you must have Stamped installed.

  1. Head on over to your Re:amaze account’s settings menu and click on “Apps”.
  2. Look for Stamped and connect a store to your Stamped account. If you don’t use an eCommerce platform, you can still connect your Stamped account.

  3. In the next step, enter your Stamped account’s Public API Key and Private API Key. You’ll find these settings within your Stamped account.

  4. Once your Stamped account is connected, customers with matching email addresses when they contact you will have their Stamped Loyalty & Rewards profile displayed within the data module on the right.

Adjusting the Points of Customer's Profile within Re:amaze

With the integration set up, you will be able to adjust the points of each customer's profile within Re:amaze.

  1. Click on the Edit button located beside the Points section within the Stamped data module

  2. A pop-up interface will show up for you to make the point adjustment in greater detail. Either a negative or positive adjustment can be made, with an optional field to enter the reason for adjustment:

  3. Click on Create Adjustment to confirm the changes. Any adjustment made will be logged in the customer's profile within Stamped's dashboard as well.