Klaviyo + Stamped Loyalty & Rewards

With Klaviyo Integration, you'll now be able to create an automation email to target specific customer groups based on their recent Loyalty & Rewards events.

For example, you can send a 'Happy Birthday' email to the customer on their birthday.

It's also possible to include the customer's balance rewards points, VIP tier or Referral Link as a section in your email template, to be used in campaigns.

Note: The integration is available on the Business, Professional and Enterprise plan 

In This Guide

Activating The Integration

  1. In Klaviyo Settings, find and copy the Public API Key / Site ID + Private API key for Stamped: 
  2. Paste the API Key in https://go.stamped.io/v3/#/settings/apps/klaviyo
  3. Save and done.

When a new review is received after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" will be created in the Customer's Klaviyo profile.

Possible Tracking Events

These tracking events will be pushed to Klaviyo customer's profile:

  • EarnAccountNew
    Note: When the customer signs up for an account
  • EarnAccountBirthday
    Note: On the customer's birthday
  • EarnOrderNew
    Note: When the customer makes a purchase
  • EarnSocialFollowInstagram
    Note: When the customer follow on Instagram
  • EarnSocialFollowFacebook
    Note: When the customer follow on Facebook
  • EarnSocialShareFacebook
    Note: When the customer share on Facebook
  • EarnSocialFollowTwitter
    Note: When the customer follow on Twitter
  • EarnSocialShareTwitter
    Note: When the customer share on Twitter
  • EarnSocialYouTube
    Note: When the customer subscribe to Youtube Channel
  • EarnReview
    Note: When the customer submits a review
  • EarnReviewPhoto
    Note: When the customer uploads a photo for their review
  • EarnReviewVideo
    Note: When the customer uploads a video for their review
  • EarnReviewNPS
    Note: When the customer completes the NPS survey
  • EarnQuestionAnswer
    Note: When an answer is submitted for a question via Community Q&A
  • ReceivedReferral
    Note: Event added to friend who received the referral from the advocate
  • SharedReferral
    Note: When customers sends a referral to a friend via the email option in launcher/referral widget
  • ReferredCustomer
    Note: When customer successfully refers a friend, who completes a purchase using the redeemed code
  • AcceptedReferral
    Note: When the friend signs up via referral link and claims the discount code
  • VIPTierUpdated
    Note: Customer's VIP tier has been updated
  • SpendRewardRedeemed
    Note: When the customer redeem points for rewards

Creating a Segment to Filter for Tracking Events

You can create a segment in Klaviyo to group the customers according to the events (customers who submitted positive review in one segment, negative review in another etc.)

  1. Head over to Lists & Segments under the left menu:

  2. Create a new segment:

  3. Select "What someone has done (or not done)" under the definition drop-down list, which filters for tracking events:
  4. Search for Stamped's tracking events, which will be under the API category:

  5. Fill up the rest of the details for the segment as required.

Here's a detailed guide from Klaviyo on creating a segment: https://help.klaviyo.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005237908-Create-a-Segment

Common Use-case and Example

- Create a flow to send an email for new customers who have signed up for the Loyalty & Rewards program:

- Create a flow to send an email when customers have redeemed points for rewards:

Including Customer Properties Into The Email Template

These properties will be pushed to Klaviyo customer's profile:

  • stamped_rewards_birthday
  • stamped_rewards_points 
  • stamped_rewards_referral_link
  • stamped_rewards_vip_tier
  1. Click on a text-block of your email template where you would like to include the properties:

  2. Click on the "Insert Property" dropdown box

  3. Enter "stamped_rewards" in the search field for easy access to the available customers' properties for our Loyalty & Rewards program
  4. Select the customer property that you would like to include in your email
  5. Click on the Save button.

Common Use-case and Example of Customer Properties

- Reminder email to Loyalty & Rewards customers to shop and spend their points if they have not made a purchase in 6 months, with the customer's current points pulled into the email:

1. Create a segment for Loyalty & Rewards customers who have not shopped in your store for the last 6 months:

2. Create a flow with the segment created above, follow by an email

3. Use the customer properties ( stamped_rewards_points) in the email to dynamically update and display the point that your customer has

Sync Unsubscribers & Customer Properties

Once the integration is set up, you can proceed to use the 2 sync options available:

  1. Sync Unsubscribers
    This will sync the unsubscribe list from Klaviyo over to Stamped, which ensures that customers who have unsubscribed to your stores' email will not receive a email from Stamped as well.
  2. Sync Customer Properties
    Rewards information within Stamped's dashboard will sync over to Klaviyo and populate the customer properties, here's an example: