Omnisend + Stamped Loyalty & Rewards

Stamped's integration with Omnisend allows you to create automation emails to target specific customer groups based on their recent Loyalty & Rewards events.

With the integration set up, you can segment contacts based on data provided by Stamped and send custom workflow emails, such as:

  • Notifying customers about their points balance on their Loyalty & Rewards account.
  • Segment customers based on their point, then create a special campaign to improve their user experience.
  • Encouraging customers to join Referral program by sending them Referral Link

In This Guide

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Head over to Omnisend dashboard and create an API key using the following guide:
  2. Navigate through Stamped's dashboard to the apps page and select Omnisend:
  3. Click on "Install App", you can then enter the generated API key under the Instructions header:

  4. Click "save", you can then choose to sync existing review data over to Omnisend by clicking on "Sync Customer Properties".

Contact's Custom Property Pushed to Omnisend

Custom Property will be created and triggered from Stamped to Omnisend after the button "Sync Customer Properties" on Stamped Dashboard clicked. The following Contact's custom properties will be created and will be updated in real-time:

  • stamped_rewards_points - your customer's latest point balance
  • stamped_referral_link - referral link that they can use to refer your store to their friend.
  • stamped_rewards_birthday - customer birthday that is present in Stamped Dashboard
  • stamped_rewards_vip_tier - customer current VIP Tier.

Creating Segment based on Rewards Custom Property in Omnisend

  1. Go to the Audience section on Omnisend Dashboard
  2. Click '+ Create Segment'
  3. Choose 'Custom Property' as shown in the image below
  4. Choose the rewards custom property you'd like to create the Segmentation for.
    See the example below to create a Segment for Rewarded Customers:
  5. You can now include your newly created Segment in your workflow, and campaign.

Including Customer Properties Into The Email Template

These properties will be pushed to Omnisend personalization options:

  • [[contact.custom_properties.stamped_rewards_points]] -  would return points balance
  • [[contact.custom_properties.stamped_rewards_referral_link]] - would return referral link that the customer can use to refer your store to their friends
  • [[contact.custom_properties.stamped_rewards_birthday]] - would return customer's birthday date
  • [[contact.custom_properties.stamped_rewards_vip_tier]] would return customer's current tier
  1. Create an Email template in Omnisend
  2. Choose the Text Block on the Standard Block Options
  3. Click the Tag icon on the bottom right of the text box to open the dropdown menu of 'Personalization' properties
  4. Choose Contact > Custom Properties
  5. Select the customer property that you would like to include in your email
  6. Click Save & Close

Common Use-case and Example of Customer Properties

Reminder email to Loyalty & Rewards customers to shop and spend their points if they have not purchased in 6 months, with the customer's current points pulled into the email:

  1. Create a segment for Loyalty & Rewards customers who have not shopped in your store for the last 6 months
    Please see the below segment filter as an example
  2. Create a flow with the segment created above
  3. Create an Action to send an email
  4. Use the customer properties [[contact.custom_properties.stamped_rewards_points]] in the email to dynamically update and display the point that your customer has
  5. Here's how the workflow would look like: